Biographical Information regarding...
Bill Browne
Candidate for re-election to the Board of Education,
Bremen High School District 228
... Lived in the district for the past 30 years

... Three children attended Hillcrest High School in the district

... Has served on the Bremen #228 board for 8 years, since 2007

... Previously served on the Prairie Hills elementary school board for
    8 years

... Previously served as Trustee for Hazel Crest for 12 years

... Former Village President (Mayor) of Hazel Crest

... Wife, Rhonda, exective assistance IT Department at
    South Suburban College

... Works at Cook County as Director of Veterans Affairs
“I am running for re-election to continue what I ran on eight years ago; to make a difference in bringing back the basic function of helping to provide a quality education for all of our children. The students in our district are the future and we must prepare them for today and tomorrow. We have a good cohesive team and as part of that team, I will continue what we all started and accomplished for the past eight years.”

    My beliefs and goals for the next four years are:

  • Student Performance: Work with the Superintendent and the
    Board to insure that our students get a quality education;
    work with administration on reducing failing students in the
  • Finances: Work with the administration to be more creative with
    our resources. We have to work more with less financial
  • Communications: Work to continue to improve the image and
    perception of the district through communications to you,
    our stakeholders, about the district.