Biographical Information regarding...
Leslie Joy Jones
Candidate for re-election to the Board of Education,
Bremen High School District 228

... A resident of Markham, Illinois

... Undergraduate degree in Education from Crichton College

... Over 20 years of tutoring

... Life Enrichment and Development Center, board member
    and tutor

... Current board member of Bremen High School District 228

... My husband, Rondal, and I are the parents of three children
    who attend public school in the community.
As a wife, mother, and active contributing member of my community, like all responsible parents, I understand that a good education is fundamental in achieving success. I understand how important it is to prepare our children to compete in the challenging future that awaits all of them. I believe that our schools have an obligation to provide an education and guidance that will be the cornerstone of how our students face the future and become the next generation of our leaders.

Serving on the board is a privilege and an honor to be able to represent the community in which I live. Serving the community is an extension of what my family values, believes, and does. I don’t take serving on the board lightly. The goal is simple making sure our children get a quality education and opportunity they deserve. I will continue serve as an advocate for the students and insure that the investment we put into their education now will pay dividends to all of us in the future.

I plan on continuing to invest time and effort to ensure quality continues in our district. I truly believe in the motto that “We are a community of schools.”

Please support quality education. Please support our students. Please support our future. And please support Leslie Joy Jones and our other incumbents for Bremen High School District 228.