Biographical Information regarding...
David T. Mensing
Candidate for re-election to the Board of Education,
Bremen High School District 228
... Grew up in this district; 1958 graduate of Bremen High School

... Undergraduate degree in education: University of Illinois;
    Graduate work abroad: Stanford University

... 25 years teaching experience, K through junior college; 20 years
    exclusively on the high school level

... Currently on the Board of Bremen H. S. District 228 — member
    since 2006, Secretary of the Board since 2007

... Wife, Alison, a career teacher in special education

... Four children; all are graduates of Tinley Park High School

... Pastor of Peace Ev. Lutheran Church, Oak Forest, but committed
    to the separation of church and state. I refuse to force my
    religious beliefs upon public policy.
“I truly believe that, in the interest of our children, and exercising the wisest stewardship of taxpayer dollars, we should provide them the very best education possible, demonstrating at the same time the highest standards of personal integrity, responsibility, fairness, honesty, and decency as public servants. Together we’ve accomplished great things over the past eight years, and I’d like the privilege of being able to continue what we have started.”
  • I have no private agendas. I’m up front on everything.
  • I am always my own man and vote my conscience.
  • I have no axes to grind. We need to work together.
  • I take no cheap shots at anybody; that’s never profitable.
  • I play no favorites among our campuses. They are all our schools.
  • I will never be satisfied with second-rate or failing performance.
  • I take no pleasure in deficit spending.
  • I don’t believe in just talking. Let’s get it done.