We see District 228 and its schools as the bright light of our community; we view it only in positive terms; and we owe it our very best efforts in solving its problems, in improving its image, in guarding its integrity, and in protecting its value.

We believe in responsible management of the public's money, willing to face hard choices in reducing expenditures while at the same time looking for increased funding, with the view toward a truly balanced fiscal budget.

We are committed to working together as a team, willing to hear one another’s views, eager to benefit from one another’s experience, and zealous to find consensus in thoughtful compromise — on anything but principle. We reject micro-management of schools by individual board members as a violation of ethics and integrity.

We are, each one of us, fiercely independent, are in no one’s ‘hip pocket,’ and ‘rubber stamp’ no one’s agenda. But neither do we distrust one another or regard one another with suspicion.

We see nothing positive resulting from dissension, divisiveness, and bickering; and we pledge ourselves to dignity, civility, mutual respect and only constructive criticism in dealing with one another as equals and as colleagues.

We seek your vote, your trust, and your commitment to work with us as we work for you and for the youth of District 228. You deserve our respectful ear, our diligent effort, and our dedicated service; and we pledge them to you to the very best of our ability.